Cellulite Reduction


Typical cellulite formation (before and after treatment)

Do you suffer from cellulite?

Are you looking for a fast and affordable way to get rid of those ripples?

Viora® Reaction cellulite reduction treatments may be just what you are looking for.

Cellulite Is More Common Than You Think and There's a Way To Treat It!

Approximately 90% of post-adolescent women are affected by cellulite. Most of these women want a non-surgical treatment that can be done fast and with great results. Since cellulite is a structural/cellular problem – not a fat problem – diets, creams, lotions, pills are virtually ineffective when treating cellulite.

Fresh Start Body Aesthetics offers Viora® Reaction,  the most advanced cellulite reduction treatment to date. Our treatments work to reduce inches, stretch marks and scarring for visible improvement in skin smoothness and a noticeable reduction in cellulite. These treatments are suitable for the thighs, buttocks, love handles, and the abdomen.

Treatment is Comfortable and Non-Invasive

Solution to Firmer and Tighter Skin

Viora® Reaction offers an alternative to surgery– a quick, non-intrusive solution that can be conveniently completed, even over your lunch break. Consistent results means your  treatments require absolutely no downtime and offer a great solution the cellulite you're been struggling with.

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Fresh Start Body Aesthetics offers free consults so you can learn all about Viora® Reaction technology and how these cellulite reduction treatments offer you a chance to get that younger fresher look, with no pain and at an affordable price.

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Some Before and Afters

cellulitecellulite_removal_denver cellulite3 cellulite4


  • Clinically proven state of the art treatments
  • Safe and painless, FDA cleared
  • No downtime following treatment
  • Non-invasive procedure
  • Skin appears firmer, sooner