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4 Misconceptions About Skincare

There are so many skin care tips out there on the internet - everything from secret ways to eliminate wrinkles to theories about super foods. But how do you tell fact from fiction? We investigated some of the skincare myths we've heard and debunked them for you.

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If you read one article about wrinkles, read this one

What causes wrinkles? There are several types of wrinkles - those brought on from aging, prolonged water exposure, loss of body mass, or sleeping in the same position. Aging Wrinkles Do you remember your mother telling you not to make that face or your face would get stuck like that? Well, that’s half right. Repetitive…
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Third Annual Fresh Start Skin Care Open House

The Third Annual Fresh Start Open House is happening on November 3rd, and you are invited! During the event, we will be discussing and demonstrating some new treatments as well as offering special savings on new offerings such as Kybella and PDO Threading. Plus, we are  showcasing our new online store, giving away some great…
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