About Us

fresh start staffAbout Us,   Hmmmmm. We’re not your ordinary “Medi-Spa”. Our Denver-area clinic is run and administered by people with dental backgrounds. That sounds kind of weird, but think about it – most of our treatments are for the face! Who better to work on your face than a dental professional? Our combined 95 years of clinical experience is centered around aesthetics, symmetry and a light touch for painful procedures. (Ever had an injection by a physician or PA ?) .

Our office is not based on sales or commissions like many aesthetics practices. Our pride and peace of mind comes from a client with a good result. You won’t find high-pressure sales on packages and products……. You just won’t. We want you pleased with our treatments and we want you to have confidence referring your family and friends.

About Dr. Chris Willard
Thirty years as a general dentist. Besides that, he has over 120 hours of continuing education in facial aesthetic treatments. Not only can he make your smile look it’s amazing best, he can move outside the box and can often take 5-7 years off your face. Over-treating you is never an option. In fact, when clients want too much treatment we simply say “no".  A frozen Botox face or Juvederm “duck lips” is not our style.

About Tara and Julie
If you want fat reduction, skin tightening and hair reduction, look no further. Both Julie and Tara have each been dental hygienists for twenty plus years. It’s hard to find people who are consistently above average with their hand, clinical and people skills. It just don’t get any better. They too have had extensive hours of continuing education and both are certified with intense pulsed light for hair reduction and removal of sun damage and radio frequency treatments for fat reduction and skin tightening. Our results speak for themselves.

Please feel free to make an appointment for a free consultation to discuss your specific needs. We're certain you'll feel comfortable and confident about our services and both the care and results you'll get. We'd love to serve you and our office is conveniently located in Westminster, so it's easy to get to from Denver, Boulder or any of the suburbs.

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